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5 Great Tips For Composing A Descriptive Essay Introduction

A descriptive essay requires perfect description of the subject or theme. You have to map out the entire structure of the topic and highlight the major junctures. Your descriptions should touch all of them with precision and bite.

Open up the game

Now, the introduction of a descriptive essay has to open the charts like a billiards table; well-adumbrated and clear as a crystal. It should throw the topic for ready consumption; giving details of what the essay is going to unfold. It has to be written in a delicious way so as to leave an unfulfilled taste in the mouth; leaving the readers asking for more.

Here is how you compose a descriptive essay introduction –

  1. Absorb the content – The content of the whole piece has to be absorbed and constricted in a chiseled way so as to form the introduction. You cannot spill the beans; just spell out details in a subtle manner.
  2. Using a strong statement – This statement sees the introduction through. It should be strong, explanatory and evocative; signifying reason and meaning. You should straightaway harp at the importance of the written piece.
  3. Facts and figures – You should have crusty facts and figures at hand to define the piece and lend it gravity. Your essay will otherwise wear a humdrum and banal look. This necessitates solid research and due labor; so gird your loins.
  4. Lead-up to the Body – Your Body is the most important part of the whole piece. The Introduction has to lead up to it with clear signals. The writing should be such as to sustain interest in the piece. Of course, the piece gets a different touch in the hands of an expert writer.
  5. Placing the theme in its skeleton – You cannot reveal too much about the essay in the Introduction. However, you cannot retain too much either. What you need to do is prepare the skeleton of the piece and place it in the Introduction so that the readers get a genuine idea of what the write-up contains and where it is going to lead.

Remember that you cannot opine too much with this piece. Support your writing with logics, assertions and figures. You should not speculate or assume too much either with the body or conclusion. Your writing should appear redoubtable and believable, with very little scope for conflict. You need to authorize the topic with your writing; not to leave it loose-ended and riddled with doubts.


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