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Searching for a Free Comparative Analysis Essay Example

Students often get confused by the wide variety of essays that they need to write. In their grade school years, they learn that there are narrative, informative, argumentative, descriptive, and expository essays. As they move into higher level courses, instructors assign more complicated types of essays, like analytical reviews, comparative analyses, and argumentative research papers. These specialty essays do not fit into the cookie cutter styles of the five types that students learn about in their younger years of schooling. When these complicated, specialty essays are assigned, instructors simply assign the essays; they do not provide instruction on how to write them.

Where to Find Free Essay Examples

In order for students to be successful on the assignments, they need to learn how to write them. Finding a sample essay tends to be the most helpful way for students to learn about these complicated essays. If you have been assigned a comparative analysis essay, here are a few places you can turn to find free examples:

  1. Academic writing labs. Many colleges and universities provide free writing labs for their students and for the general online public. These sites include video and written instructions that provide step-by-step instructions for complicated essays, like comparative analysis essays. You should be able to find free samples which not only include a written sample, but details and hints to make the essay the best it can be.
  2. Online writing sites. The sites that provide writing services for hire also usually include free samples of essays for students to use however they see fit. If you do use a free sample, you should be sure to only use it as a template, not as an essay you turn in for a grade. When students can find a free essay, instructors can find it, too.
  3. Writing blogs. Bloggers write about everything under the sun, including how to write a comparative analytical essay. You should be able to find a sample as well as instructions on writing this complex essay. If you use a sample from a blog as your template, be sure to reward the blogger with likes and shares so other students can benefit from the useful blog site.
  4. Teacher websites. Teachers, like bloggers, like to share what they know. So, some teachers will actually create websites where they share helpful tools for essay writing. The site might not be managed by your teacher, but that does not mean you cannot use it!

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