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Composing Winning Topics For A Compare And Contrast Essay

Compare and contrast essays

Compare and contrast essays are fun to write. They can be humorous, informative, formal, and academic based on the purpose. Different students have different approaches to writing a comparison essay depending upon their knowledge and skills. A teacher might assign the same essay to a class of 40 students and get different results from all of them. This is because, some students prefer one style and others adopting the other. If a student is humorous in his personality then his essay will have that element. A pessimist person will write pessimist stuff and optimism will reflect in an optimistic person’s writings.

The topic for a comparison essay

The topic of the compare and contrast essays is very important. This is the base of your essay, on which you will build the rest of your essay and carry out research. You will delete irrelevant findings and keep only those that add value to your paper. While choosing a topic for your essay you need to keep in mind a few things

  • The topic must be of your interest so that you do not get bored with the essay
  • The topic must be broad enough to cover your subject
  • The topic of your essay must be catchy so that it can hook the reader
  • The topic of your essay should not have any grammar or spelling errors

Winning topic ideas for compare and contrast essays

  1. Is spirituality a religion for many? What are the commons between religion and spirituality?
  2. Discuss the effects of being a vegetarian and that of being a non-vegetarian
  3. Is football better than basketball for young athletes? Support your argument with evidence
  4. Kids who go to co-education schools are more confident than others are, is it true?
  5. What effect is on the kids of single parents and a couple?
  6. Which economic model is ideal for UK, do you think current economic system needs changes? Show why
  7. Why some students prefer math to biology, what are the major differences between both sciences?
  8. Compare broadband internet with WI-FI devices and show which one is better.
  9. Is love the cure of all problems we are facing globally and individually or should we adopt war? Give reasons
  10. What is the difference and similarity between flying birds and those who live on the ground? Why some birds can fly and others cannot.

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