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Little-Known Facts To Discuss In An Essay About The Effects Of Smoking

A lot of papers have been written on smoking at different academic levels. What differentiates these papers is the content. To make your essay about smoking outstanding, you must make captivating arguments. Your points must be insightful and fresh. They should capture prevailing debate and latest scientific findings that affect smoking. Here are fresh facts that will make your paper stand out.

  • Public Perception
  • Discussing public perception helps you to lay the foundation for your arguments. There are circles that favor continued smoking while others do not. Provide a background view of the two points of view before taking a stand.

  • Personal and Third Party Effects
  • Smoking affects the smoker with the negative effects spreading to third parties. Use your essay to discuss the effect this habit has on other people who are innocent and not interested in smoking. You may also consider instances where a smoking expectant mother will pass the negative effects to the unborn child.

  • Influence of Marketing
  • Despite debates on the negative impact of smoking on the health of the active smoker, people continue to pick the habit. This is largely due to the influence of marketing campaigns. Discuss the impact words and images used in marketing are driving people into smoking. Interrogate what can be done so that the message on the negative effects remains prominent so that a new smoker picks up the habit in full awareness.

  • Smoking Among Minors
  • Consider a paragraph on smoking among minors. Focus on their sources of income to purchase cigarettes and penalties or actions that should be taken on sellers who make the cigarettes accessible. Discuss the effects of picking the smoking habit early.

  • The Economics of Smoking
  • There are economic factors that lead to smoking. Do such economic factors expose the smoker to high or low risks? Do they affect the quality of smoke and thus put the smoker at higher or lower risk? Is the price of cigarettes a motivation?

  • Electric Cigars
  • There is a growing uptake of electronic cigars all over the world. What impact is this habit having on the health of new smokers? What do researchers say and what feedback are the users giving? How are electronic cigs being regulated to avoid damaging effects on smokers?

The fresh points to include in your essay on the effects of smoking will help you produce a captivating paper. Ensure that your references are approved. Use the latest data and facts to lend credibility to your arguments.


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