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Topics for expository essays: composing accurate and original ones

An essay can be of many types ranging from argumentative to persuasive, descriptive, comparison, evaluative and expository essays. The purpose o f an expository essay is to explain stuff with facts rather than opinions. In a persuasive essay, you might say that this is not right because that person thinks so. You cannot pass general sweeping statements in an expository essay. You need to analyze your topic carefully and build your essay on facts and figures. You must stay concise and add that stuff which will add value to your paper

The teachers to evaluate the skills of their students commonly use expository essays. They can get an idea of how skilled a certain kid is by looking at his writing style and how he has used the facts to prove his stance. It will also allow the teacher to analyze that the student is good at researching or not. However, the teacher will only read your paper till the end if you can hook them and develop their interest in your essay. You can do this by choosing a good topic for your essay. Your teacher will have to check a number of essays in a day you need to make sure yours is unique

Some teachers tell their students what topics they should avoid for writing the essay. Make sure you listen carefully to your teacher and note down the instructions so that you can choose a topic that meets her requirements

Here are a few topics you can get help from for writing your own original topic

  • Show why should a particular person be considered a legend
  • Why some parents do not smoke in front of their kids
  • What do you think about abortion? Should it be legal?
  • There is an increasing trend of suicide in the youth, explain why
  • What is a curfew? Should the government specify for a certain age group?
  • Can teens be a victim of stress and depression?
  • Can money buy everything, explain why you agree or disagree

All these topics have a lot of room for creativity and taking help from facts and numerical figures. You must show your topic to the teacher before you actually build an essay on it. This will help you see if the topic is valid and whether you should work on it


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