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Liberties Of Education

Many people are today questioning the merits of higher education. This is because a keen look at some of the most successful people is those who never had a lot of interest on studies. As a response to this debate, the report has a lot of valuable information on the benefits of education. It also has a special supplement called, ‘how college shapes lives: understanding the issues’. This supplement explains that most of the words successful people have actually attended school and focused on what they like. The report main conclusion is that education plays an important role in many people. The payoff is usually high for most people. One of the most parameter that is measured on the benefits of higher education is on the salary skills. In many organizations, people who are well learned earn more money than their counterparts who are not well educated. According to Greenstone Research from the Brookings institute, education is a very valuable form of investment. According to them, when you invest 4 years to education the significance is the same as that of a different investment that yields 13% annually.

Therefore, it is evident that the monetary value of education is evident in the lifetime difference of more than 60% when compared to people without a degree. For instance, the annual median salary of people with an ordinary degree is $20000 more than those who have a high school degree only. It should be noted that employers will in many cases prefer candidates who have a proven academic qualification.

The gaps in earnings usually increase with the increase in education and age. The following numbers will tell the real story. The difference between graduates and those with a high school diploma increases from 54% for people aged between 25 and 29 to 85% for people aged between 45-49 years. According to the report, higher education plays an important role in the society. People who are more educated are paid and taxed more than who are less educated. The United States economy therefore improves with higher tax remittances. For instance, employers provide a lot of money in terms of health insurance. More educated people get more money in terms of insurance than those who are less educated. Therefore, it can be concluded that there is a strong correlation between the education level and the society and individual level.

According to research done in 2011, people who hold a degree are less likely to depend on government funded programs. According to that research, only 2% of households which rely on the Supplemental Nutritional Assistance program are run by graduates. This is against the 12% of families managed by high school graduates. This shows how valuable education is and how it helps the community and individuals as well. There are also other benefits of taking a path of higher education. The research found out that people who are well educated are less likely to suffer from lifestyle diseases such as obesity. They also live happier lives because of the connections they have made at school and in the work environment. They also have a lot of knowledge on diverse things such as politics and world news.


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