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Writing an Essay Introduction: Searching for Examples

  • Style Manual
  • In order to write a proper paper, beginning with a proper introduction, it is suggested and often required to use a classic Style Manual. The MLA or Modern Language Association Publication Manual is often used for Humanities, Literature, History, Philosophy, Art, etc. While the Publication of the American Psychological Association Style Manual is often used for Psychology, Counseling, Sociology, Criminology, Health Sciences, Business, Economics, Education or other. The Chicago Manual of Style is also used, in addition to Strunk and White’s, The Element of Style.

  • Thesis Statement
  • After establishing the style manual that the student will use, he needs to identify a Thesis Statement. This could be a reflection of a life question, an issue coming out of current events, be it political, cultural, entertainment, legal, or other. The question could come out of class discussion or course material. The question could come out of questions that arose in the student’s elementary, secondary, or high school education. The question needs to be turned into a statement to be used as a hypothesis to be proven by factual corollaries that are introduced in the ensuing paragraphs of the paper.

  • Examples
  • Examples of essay introductions may be found by entering “Essay Writing,” or any combination of words with the same meaning, into the search mode of an internet, searching for examples of essays. The examples of introductions may be accessed through the essays that are found as a result of the entries on the search mode of the internet. The examples of introductions may be found from these.

  • Gathering Resources
  • The student would be advised to gather a wide range of resource materials to research his subject and provide resources and documentation for his essay. The student can go to his instructor for guidance, he can resort to tutors provided by the school or found elsewhere in the community. He can go to the library and the librarian and ask for assistance. He can gather books, CD’s, DVD’s, CD-ROMs, journals, trade journals, etc. to expand his knowledge base of the subject.

    The student can go to the school website and explore there in addition to going to the particular department in which he is enrolled at the school he attends to ask for guidance. All this goes into gathering background material before the student begins to write his introduction. The student should review, read, and study all material gathered before attempting to put anything down on paper.


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