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How To Compose An Appropriate Argumentative Essay Outline On Gun Control

Gun control has and continues to be a hot topic for argumentative essays. While there are clearly two sides to this issue, it can be challenging to craft an essay that is not offensive to the other side. Like all other essay topics, it is good idea to draft an outline so you can see where you will defend your argument in an ethical and appropriate way. Here are the guidelines for crafting an outline for your gun control argumentative essay:

  • Begin with the introductory paragraph. When you write an outline today, you can usually get away with using a template or your own outline style. You should always start at the beginning, with the thesis statement and the hook. The thesis will guide your argument, so be sure it is specific enough for an essay. Then write the hook, using one techniques, like writing three rhetorical questions, creating an anecdote, or using a quote from a famous person related to your topic.
  • Craft the body paragraphs. Since you are writing an outline, you should not write complete paragraphs. You should write complete topic sentences so you can see what you will be doing to support your thesis statement (which should also be written as a complete sentence in your outline). Then, the reasons and examples that you plan to use as support can be written in a bulleted list. Only use short phrases or single words for this section, because you might change your mind as you write.
  • Repeat the process. Depending on the length that is required, you will repeat the body paragraph process until you have enough paragraphs or pages. As you prepare each topic sentence and list of supporting details, it is helpful to consider how you will organize the body paragraphs. You will have some paragraphs that have better arguments than others. You can arrange them in order of “power” or even in an alternating style. Arrangement of paragraphs is one of the best reasons to write an outline first, because you do not want to rearrange everything once you have written the paper.
  • Write the conclusion. One of the most powerful sections of an argumentative essay is the conclusion, because this is where you end your argument and really bring it home to the reader. You should restate the thesis in your first sentence, then restate the main arguments. Finally, you should leave the reader with a final sentence or two that reminds them of your gun control beliefs.

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