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Developing Good College-Level Narrative Essay Topics: Tips for Students

The topic you choose for your topic goes a long way in determining your score. The topic will also guide your research and either attract the attention of the reader or be bypassed because it is mundane. There are several points to consider when selecting a topic.

  • Make it unique
  • Thousands of essays and other academic papers have been written on different topics. The only way your paper will attract the attention of the reader is if it is unique. A unique topic does not have to be out of this world. Giving an old idea a new approach makes the topic unique and interesting to read. Only unique topics will capture the attention of your supervisor.

  • Choose a unique area
  • Avoid common areas of study because even in your class, it is possible that two or three other students will select the same common topic. Explore emerging issues when selecting your topic. Fresh topics are interesting to read and will fetch you higher marks.

  • Choose your area of interest
  • It is advantageous to write in your area of interest. You will be enthusiastic about the topic and get better insight when writing. It also gives you a chance to express your ideas and understanding about a particular area. Completing the essay gives you a lot of joy.

  • Consult your teacher
  • Talk to your teacher to provide guidance on the best areas to write about. The teacher understands your capabilities and is better placed to guide you through the process. The teacher also knows if the materials you require for the narrative essay will be available.

    Some of the latest topics for narrative essays include:

    1. Reducing the cost of college education
    2. What is the value of the one year break before joining college
    3. Obesity is not a problem with the foods one eats
    4. Studying abroad is total waste of time
    5. Teen pregnancy victims should sue contraceptive manufacturers
    6. One parent should work from home in every household
    7. Parents should be allowed to carry children to their offices to instill a working culture as early as possible
    8. Fathers should get and equally long paternity leave
    9. Waterless landscaping is the future of a greener environment
    10. Mobile phones and social media have made people less social
    11. Parents should have control over their children’s phones
    12. Technology for beginners is a waste of time and resources

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