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The Lord Of The Flies

There are many great books that have been written that are a must-read for everyone in the world because it says something about society, or humanity in general, that is an important lesson. While some people can think of many books, the one that is probably not on their list is The Lord of the Flies by William Golding. In this book, there is a story that starts out simple, but then gets very complicated, and what happens to a group of young boys says a lot about the world of today.

Lessons from The Lord of the Flies

The first lesson from the Golding book is the fact that society needs to have law and order. What people do not understand is that human beings are capable of doing anything, and laws are necessary in order to keep people under control. Without law and order, people can do whatever they want, and that would only lead to chaos.

Another great lesson from The Lord of the Flies book is all about how power can turn someone from a good person to a bad person that abuses both the power and trust of the boys. Also, one of the biggest themes of the book is fear, and the book demonstrates that sometimes not taking a chance on something because of fear, can actually cause more harm than good.

The Lord of the Rings by William Golding is a book that should be read by everyone because it says a lot about society, especially about the need for law and order. The story is about a plane crash, and a group of young boys that have to band together in order to survive one small tropical island. The boys do try and make things work, and even elect one of the older boys to be the leader of the group. However, this young man proves that he is not a good leader, and the power he has eventually corrupts him, and leads to chaos. In today’s society, there are laws to protect everyone, but sometimes these laws are broken, which is what the police are for. Though the Golding book does show the dark side of humanity, and what would happen if a group of young boys was left on their own, and it really does show that the world does need things like laws, and those that can enforce them. The book also sends a powerful message about leadership ,and what happens if the wrong person gets elected to a position of power.


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