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Top 38 Compare And Contrast Essay Topic Ideas To Choose From

Compare and contrast essays can be considered as a slightly modified version of argumentative essays. In this type we compare two things and from the comparison we will come into a conclusion. Compare and contrast type writing is one of the easiest methods of essay writing. It is because we used to compare many things in our day to day life. Because of that, it is comparatively very easy to find good topics for writing such essays.

In school levels it is better to write topics that we see in our daily life. In academic or college level writings select topics that are socially relevant or little bit complex or intellectual. Some of the common ideas for writing compare and contrast essays are product comparison, comparison between brands, comparison between various technologies, movie comparison, comparison of lives of various people across the world, economy comparison of various countries etc.

You can easily get lots of information regarding your topic from internet, news papers etc because of the simplicity of these topics. Before selecting the topic, make sure that you are comfortable with it and can write enough points on it. It is also important to see if there are enough resources available on the selected topic.

Here are some tips to write compare and contrast essays with good topic ideas:

  • Always try to select topics you can see around you in daily life. This kind of topics will help you in writing more details about it without referring external sources.

  • Compare and contrast write ups works in a simple method. First you need to find out the similarity between the things you are planning to compare. This is how compare works. Then you need to point out differences between two things. This is how contrast works.

  • Always try to keep and order for writing comparison as well as similarities. It will be more convincing and readers will find it more useful.

  • Do not give too much weight age to write positive things about a product you like. Always try to find out the positives and negatives of each thing you write.

  • The introduction, article body and conclusion should be perfect. It should easily connect with the readers.

  • Review your final writing before submission; if possible make necessary changes on it. Also consult it with your friends or relatives. Some times their valuable suggestions will result in excellent write ups.

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