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10 Basic Rules Of Writing A Critical Book Review Essay

Have you ever tried writing a critical review of a book? If you have already tried writing an essay in those lines, you might already be familiar with some of these ten rules of writing gripping reviews.

  1. Read the book at least twice
  2. There is no point trying to review a book after reading it just once. You must make an effort to read the book at least twice before you review it.

  3. Do not base it on another review
  4. This is one of the commonest mistakes many students tend to make. Reading another review is fine, but you should not base your own review on another review even if it is the same line you are pursuing.

  5. Study the author
  6. Studying the author is equally important. You should minutely consider the situations and circumstances under which the paper or book was written.

  7. Go two chapters at a time
  8. Do not try and review the entire book at a go. Be slow and start with one or two chapters at one time. This will help you make with the brevity.

  9. Appreciate the genre
  10. Before you move to the book, you should consider critically appreciating and reviewing the genre in which the book has been written. This helps you build a certain perspective first.

  11. Read already written criticisms
  12. If the book is not very rare and there are some existing criticisms of the book, you should make an effort to read all that is there to be read.

  13. Invite friends for a review
  14. Your friends may conceive ideas and thoughts that might not cross your mind at the start. Give them an audience. See if there is something that can be included in your critical essay as well.

  15. Conduct a literature review
  16. A literature review is important because it gives you the scope to actualize what has been written about the book you are set to review. Follow some of the unconventional ones first.

  17. Determine the concurrent relevance
  18. The relevance that the book has at the moment is something that you will have to recognize. Ask people if there is anything that they now learn from the book.

  19. Similar works of similar authors
  20. All authors share their passions with some other author. This is one reason people often look up to those who have already written similar books. Address the commonness in your paper as well.


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