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10 Up-To-Date Essay Topics For College Students

Coming up with an essay topic can be one of the hardest parts of the whole process for many students. And, if you’re looking for a class where the subject matter and research is always changing and evolving, it can be important to choose an up-to-date topic. For example, for an international relations class, you can either write a paper on a past event such as the Cold War, or you can write on a recent or breaking international event. There are several advantages to writing on a current event rather than a historical one: your teacher will likely be impressed and more interested in a current event and you are more likely to find a new or original angle on a current event. You can find up-to-date paper topics in practically every subject, including the sciences, by looking where breaking research is happening.

This list of up to date essay topics will help you get started:

  1. GOVERNMENT: What were the most important changes in electoral politics in the most recent election cycle?
  2. LAW: What was the most controversial case heard by the Supreme Court of the United States in the last session?
  3. INTERNATINOAL RELATIONS: How has the political and international security situation in Syria changed in the last 12 months?
  4. CHEMISTRY: What were the contributions of the winners of this years’ Nobel Prize in Chemistry, and where is their research likely go next?
  5. LITERATURE: What common themes or components were represented in this year’s National Book Award finalists and winners?
  6. GOVERNMENT: How do the current and likely Presidential Primary candidates compare on foreign policy experience and positions?
  7. BIOLOGY: What was one of the most recent species to be discovered, and what attributes does it have that allowed it to remain undiscovered for so long?
  8. LITERATURE: How are online literary journals and websites changing the publishing landscape for young poets and fiction writers?
  9. COMPUTER SCIENCE: What are the necessary technologic advances for the next wave of nanotechnology?
  10. BUSINESS: What have been the most successful crowfunding enterprises in the last year, and what does their funding strategy say about the future of business startups?

The topics can also serve as a jumping off point for you to come up with your own. When finding an up-to-date essay topic, try to find someone to constrain the topic to the last year. For instance, in these sciences, the most recent Nobel Prize winners are a good benchmark for the most current, important research.


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