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How to Write a Good Opening Paragraph for an Essay

Many people can provide insight in to how to perfectly craft an introduction. But overall the best introduction is one which frames the body of your text. It needs to include your thesis or topic sentence and provide the reader with a clear path that they will follow throughout the course of your paper. The introduction needs to give them the key ideas that you will cover in your paper so that there are no surprises when they sit down to read your paper.

Consider these two examples of introductions to get a feel for how an introduction should be written:

Topic: Buddhism


Buddhism is a philosophy and considered a religion which is based on the teachings of the Buddha—Siddhartha Gautama. The religion and philosophy began in the northeastern Indian continent between the 6th and 4th continent as the Buddha, or the enlightened teacher, began sharing his insights into ending suffering, achieving nirvana, and escaping the continual cycle of rebirth and suffering (Robinson 269f). As Buddhism continued to spread through the Asian continent and onward to the Western world, there are now two major branches. The first is Theravada—the School of the Elders—and the second is Mahayana—the Great Vehicle. The former is the oldest branch which spread through Sri Lanka as well as Southeast Asia. The latter is located throughout East Asia and includes facets such as Zen and Tibetan Buddhism. In Tibet and Mongolia there is a third branch practiced which is Vajrayana (Robinson 269f). After this a Western Movement began throughout European countries thanks to writers and free thinkers. With the rise of the Vietnam War, an American turning point was seen and the impact of war included the spread and adaptation of Buddhism and the rise of the Dalai Lama. Worldwide, Buddhism has spread to an average of four hundred million practitioners (Robinson 269f).

Topic: road rage


Road rage is a much more serious offense than many realize, so much so that many cases are not reported or are underreported, thereby allowing road rage to develop into worse criminal offenses with each continued offense. Road rage can encompass more than just waving arms in the car or cutting someone off and is in fact a punishable offense, though most victims of road rage do not consider the measures they can take against the offender or how severe road rage can become if left unchecked.


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