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What Is The Best Short Essay Format?

There are a great many formats that are generally accepted as being worthy of writing a paper. Just a few of these formats are as follows:

  • APA – This format is from the American Psychological Association and is primarily used for social and behavioral papers. It is typically recommended for complex scientific papers as well.
  • MLA – Used for literature oriented papers for the most part.
  • Harvard – A general format accepted in many areas. Not used often
  • Chicago – Accepted for a number of other genres.

The general presentation of these papers are all going to be the same. The main difference is how the cover page and the citations are handled. APA includes areas like a literature review and a background study which is important for science papers. For literature you don’t need those fields and many of the other formats should suffice in those types of situations. You will only need a simple cover sheet and, though some of the formats offer other things, there is no reason to make things overly complex. One other area in which it is important is in the citation area and when references are being used. They have very different ways of handling these things and there are a lot of comprehensive guides available online for these purposes.

When trying to write a scientific essay, it can be very important to note that the originality in what you are writing is an essential component. All of the parts of your essay should be both straightforward, get to the point quickly, and be original. Plagiarism is one of the largest crimes you can commit in the realm of information. It is stealing and it can be prosecuted by the law. The essay should be on a serious tone even though a standard or formal tone could be used occasionally. There are areas where you get information from other researchers and this is when you want to use citations. Quotations are generally frowned upon in academic circles.

It is important that you gather as much info as you can when you are writing a complex document. There is nothing that will be accepted if the sources are not cited. Many types of sources can be used. One of them is the criticism you can find when you evaluate some of the content from other writers and argue against their points. Treat them as valid and as something coming from an expert.


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