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7 common essay topics for college students that can amaze your English teacher

As a college student you will have been told many times in high school, and will again in college, that the choice of essay topic is a major factor in your success. Choose a topic well and your chances of writing well and receiving appropriate acknowledgment is far greater. Choose a poor topic and you will struggle to write the actual essay and that will reflect in the score you receive.

Don't be put off in your choice of essay topic by the fact that what you would like to write about is a common topic. Some students think that's because it is common, because everybody else is writing about it, that yours will pale by comparison. Or worse, your teacher or professor will be bored to tears having to read yet another essay on this common topic that you are likely to be marked down.

Don't think like this. It is possible to look for an unusual angle or approach to a common topic and that in itself can make yours unique. And always look for a common topic which allows you to throw your personal opinion or your personal touch into your writing. This can be a godsend. This can separate your common essay topic and its contents from the others. Here seven, and essay topics for college students which of themselves a little bit out of left field.

  • You are a twitter expert and have to describe yourself in 140 characters. Why did you choose those words?
  • You are given one hour to interview one famous person throughout history.
  • You have placed a video on YouTube and received 1 million hits. What is it about?
  • What things make you sad in life and what things make you happy?
  • What is your favorite joke and what makes it your favorite?
  • If there was no such thing as fear in life, what would you tackle?
  • What is the best advice you have ever received, and gave it to you and why is it the best?

In looking over these topics you will see that every one of them could easily apply to you. In some ways there is little or no need for you to conduct any research on some if not all of these topics. But it is definitely possible to make the writing with the topic of your choice individual and unique. Apply each one of these topics to your personal experiences. This will make your writing come alive. It may be a well-known topic but your take on it will be special.


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