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Rethinking Common Process Essay Topic Ideas - Making the Original Out of the Ordinary

Rethinking lots of things is a good way to be successful in many aspects of life and certainly when writing essays. Now a process essay has been described as the easiest to write. It involves you describing a process of doing something. And the reason it can be super simple is because you can be describing a process which you know all about. You have already heard advice that you should choose a topic for your essay that you love or have knowledge about and a process essay is a classic example.

For example you could be writing a process essay about the following:

  • Creating a certain dish for a particular meal.
  • Writing a short story.
  • Planning a holiday.
  • How a particular sport is played.

The list of potential topics for a process essay is almost limitless. But the purpose of this article is to rethink the everyday or common process essay topic and from that create something extraordinary or original. How can you do that?

Let's consider brainstorming. This is an exercise where you take a word or words and then write down any thought which comes into your mind as a result of seeing or hearing the word or words. And the topic for your brainstorming can be the common process essay topic. This is how it would work.

Let's take the first topic as listed above which was creating a certain dish for a particular meal. Probably millions of students have written about this very subject. If you try brainstorming that topic it's possible to make the original out of the ordinary.

Let's assume that somebody really important is coming to your place for a meal. It could be the king or queen or prime minister or president of your country. That's just a slight variation to your topic but it's certainly is a major rewrite of the subject. So your common process essay topic becomes creating a meal for when the Prime Minister comes to your home. Immediately all sorts of new ideas and processes come into play.

  • Why is the Prime Minister coming to your home?
  • What type of food does he or she enjoy?
  • Are you preparing the entire meal with just one course?
  • What topics will we talk about during the meal?

As you can see this simple common process essay topic idea takes on a whole new slant and a whole new perspective. And what would you serve the Prime Minister anyway?


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