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Where To Find The Best Persuasive Essay Examples

The purpose of a persuasive essay is to compel the reader to agree with the essay’s thesis by providing logically sound arguments that support it. Persuasive essays are graded based on the quality of supporting arguments and the effectiveness with which these arguments are used to prove the thesis. Because of this unique format, writing a good first essay is a difficult task for any student. So when you’re working on your first persuasive essay, have a template on hand for reference. Here are some places where you can find a great persuasive essay sample:

  • Before looking anywhere else, check out your school’s resources.
  • If there’s a writing workshop or a student tutoring center at your school, visit them first. You can most likely find a good persuasive essay template and even some advice for writing your own essay at either of the two places. Another option is asking your instructor for a sample. Many students assume that their instructor wants to see only results but, the truth is, if he or she sees you making an effort, you will definitely get some quality help.

  • Visit your local library.
  • There are tons of books out there for people who want to master academic writing. More than half are bound to include samples of all the different types of essays. If it got published, it’s bound to be good enough for any school project. Also, check out related publications. If there’s a rubric about essay writing, just look up the relevant issue online.

  • If all else fails, use the Internet.
  • There are academic writing lab sites dedicated to helping students of all levels. Most are hosted by universities, but they are filled with videos, interactive tutorials and sample essays. In most cases, you can also ask specific questions over email or a phone call.

    Another good idea is blogging. All kinds of people blog, but blogs dedicated to writing academic essays are managed by professionals. Their example essays are certainly a great model to follow.

As a last resort, you can always use a paid writing website. They will write you a high-quality, original essay for anywhere from fifty cents to twenty dollars, depending on how popular the site is. If you have at least a couple of days until the deadline of your persuasive essay, use a freelance site to hire a writer instead of a paper mill. You’ll have someone to ask for basic advice if you ever need writing help again.


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