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Topics for a narrative essay - who can help me with this issue?

Narrative essay can be based or true life events as well as can be an interesting fictitious story of events. It is up to you how you wish to write your narrative essay. But no matter how you choose to write one of most important factor of narrative essay writing is to select an appropriate topic which can be written into an interesting narrative essay. For assistance we have churned out a list of seven selective original narrative essay topics.

7 Narrative Essay Topics

  • How has your personality developed through a particular relationship
  • Few people who has influenced you since your childhood days
  • Childhood memories that affected your sensibilities and transformed you to become a sensible and responsible individualv
  • Why are your parents an inspiration?
  • Events and circumstances where you learned an important lesson from your kid brother
  • How you faced your failures in childhood/youth and took them as a stepping stone to success
  • How has supportive friends made your strong and confident in your life

Tips to Write Narrative Essays

Different types of essays are written differently. Here are a few tips that will give you a fair idea on writing a narrative essay:

  • Narrative essay writing is something that is truly in your full control. You can take up various necessary details and use them in your narrative essay to deliver any specific message.
  • Narrative essay is more like story telling. The accurate sensory details must be used in the essay. This gives the essay the missing element that would attract the reader’s attention and get him/her completely engaged in your essay. If you skip this your essay will only be capable of acquiring partial attention of the reader.
  • Yet another engaging element in a narrative essay is to properly write of each detail. Too brief detailing will not be able to acquire the engaging factor and too elaborate detailing will tire out or bore the reader before completing the essay.

For the format you can reach out your teachers or take help from the online sites and read some good samples that can be helpful in learning the format. But do not copy. Your essay needs to be based on your own understanding, experience and sensibilities. Just as the famous narrative writer W. Somerset Maugham would say, “Every production of an artist should be the expression of an adventure of his soul.”


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