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A List of Excellent Narrative Essay Prompts for 5th Grade Students

5th grade students are often asked to write a narrative essay. These writings include personal opinion and personal stories. Students should use their imagination and creativity when writing these types of papers. Therefore, it is not easy to make up prompts for 5th grade students. If you have a 5th grade student, or you are a teacher to 5th graders, then this list might be the solution for you.

  1. Think about the best holiday you have ever had. Write an essay and tell us why it is your best holiday.

  2. Imagine that you received a special award. Write the article in a local newspaper that writes about it.

  3. Choose an object with which you can “show&tell” and describe that object to us by giving details and explaining why it is important to you.

  4. Write about a goal you have achieved. Tell us what was the goal, how you felt before you achieved and how you felt after you achieved the goal.

  5. Imagine you are on a bus. The bus driver says “Everyone off! We are here!”. Imagine you get off the bus, but you don’t know where you are. Tell us what adventure you had, while you were trying to get home.

  6. You found a piece of paper that is torn page from a book and it only says “That’s how I became a Capitan. THE END”. Write the story as you think it might be, but make sure it has the same end.

  7. Imagine you have superhuman powers. Tell us what are your superhuman powers and what you do.

  8. Write the story of the pencil that your friend forgot in the classroom at the last day of school.

  9. Imagine your house is burning and you can save only two things. Tell us what will you choose and why.

  10. Imagine you are the teacher. Describe your best class with your 5th grade students.

These 5th grade narrative prompts are easy and students can think of something very quickly. Even if they haven’t experienced such an event, they will create something creative and unique.

Some of these prompts evoke students’ creativity and requires high level of imagination. There will be different writings and they all will be great. If it is a larger group, make sure that they work individually, so that they can express their own imagination.


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