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Academic Guidelines on how to Write Essay Conclusions

Writing conclusions is often a challenge for students but it does not have to be. The conclusion works in conjunction with the introduction to frame your body in a nice and neat fashion. It serves to wrap up everything you wrote in your paper in an orderly fashion leaving the reader with a final impression. The conclusion should not just summarize the argument you made or repeat what was in your introduction but it should also summarize the new and supporting evidence you integrated.

  • Consider this conclusion taken from an essay as an example:
  • Overall, the sales strategy focuses on making the consumer demand match the product or service that has already produced. The marketing strategy utilizes research as well as promotional activities to determine what products consumers want and then make consumers aware of the products the company has produced.

  • Consider this conclusion taken from a film review as another example:
  • Overall the film remained one of the greater noir classics, expressing Shakespearean themes and condemning right wing politics and their corruption as corporations began to take over the anxiety which was otherwise linked to post-WWII attitudes. It offers a bleak outlook on humanity, noting that humans were now replacing wrongs with further wrongs, never thinking about the consequences or trying to make things right for fellow humans.

  • The conclusion below is taken from a research paper:
  • Creel was hired to help Wilson gain support for the war he declared. He often claimed that he was unbiased and only presented facts, yet much of his propaganda efforts depict and irascible and outspoken journalist bent only on encouraging support and removing dissonance, rather than presenting facts about the war. He had only ever tried to reform things which he felt were bad, such as too much violence—taking away batons from cops, reforming prostitutions, getting rid of traffic collisions, etc… making his support of political propaganda solely in favor of the war and President Wilson out of the ordinary. Given his history supporting reformations of things such as police violence, traffic accidents, drugs, alcohol, prostitution, and political corruption, as well as running for the Democratic bid after the Second World War, and his claim to be in support of only facts, it remains uncertain at this time why Creel supported the war effort through his propaganda, why he helped President Wilson increase morale.


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