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5 Page Essay Outline: Help Me Craft A Winning Paper

  • Writing a good essay
  • If you want to write a good essay, you must be skilled enough. This does not of course mean that people with no or poor writing skills cannot write an essay. There is no such thing as impossible. Anyone can do any task if he pays proper attention and is dedicated towards achieving it. A good essay needs good content, excellent topic, precise conclusion, logical order, and excellent flow of ideas and on top of all a good structure.

  • The importance of outline
  • The outline of an essay acts like the backbone. It supports all the content of the essay and must follow a logical order. If the outline is mishandled then the complete essay will be a disaster. However if you complete your outline then half of your work is done and you are only a few steps away from your essay. Outline is also very important because you can make pointers and set the order of your paper. A five-page essay is quite a long thing to do, it is better to make the outline first so that you know how your essay will proceed.

  • Different approaches to outline
  • Different students take outline in different ways. There is no formal standard for writing an outline but it indeed contains bullet points, headings, sub headings, numbering and diagrams. Some students learn by simple organizational chart type of outline while others rely on web diagrams. They all serve the same purpose at the end.

If you want to create a good outline for your essay then you should be careful. Try to allocate a timeline for yourself and identify your short term and long-term milestones. A short-term milestone can be of hours and latter maybe of days. This depends upon your availability and allocated time. You need to organize your ideas so that you can make paragraphs. It is important to filter out your research findings by deleting irrelevant data so that your time is not wasted. If you want to write a good outline for your essay, you should do the following:

  • Start early and plan
  • Divide your paper into easy categories
  • Research and allocate spaces
  • Quick check on the content
  • Delete irrelevant data
  • Avoid repetition
  • Gather similar data in same paragraphs
  • Highlight what needs further research
  • Tick mark what you think is covered
  • Draw diagrams
  • Check the format

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