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How To Complete Your 9th Grade Literary Analysis Successfully

What is literary analysis?

Literary analysis is basically explaining the main idea or purpose of your work under different components, sub headings, parts or paragraphs. Each component or paragraph is then well evaluated and interpreted revolving around the main central idea. The writer should be well aware of what he or she intends to describe in his or her work.

Steps to successfully complete the literary analysis for a 9th grade:

The first paragraph should start with a well written Introduction. In order to gain the reader’s attention it is advisable to begin with any of the few mentioned techniques below.

  • Start with a startling fact
  • Begin with a quote
  • Begin with a short story
  • Begin with something interesting maybe an exchange of a conversation between two or more characters
  • Begin with something that has a significant impact on the minds of the reader’s that is well retained by them

The introduction must have a brief idea about what the writer wants to convey in his essay. This is required because it helps the reader to understand and get prepared with the content of the essay and relate with the topic ahead.

The introduction should always be followed with the second part namely, Body of the essay which is the most important part of the whole essay. It contains the main idea of the work. Everything written revolves around the main subject of the work.

The writer should always focus on the main subject of the work. The body should be very simple and written in such a way that it is easily understood and grasped by the reader. It should be well explained in proper sentences. It should support the main idea of the work.

The third part of the essay is the Conclusion. This is the last component of the work. It contains the summarised form of the most relevant matter of the work. It should be such that the most important points written in the body is re-written in such a way that the words are not repeated but contains the very same essence of the essay.

It should have a completeness within itself which makes the reader understand that the topic is ending. The writer’s perspective should be well described and it has been properly understood by all its readers.

Make sure that you read through the requirements of the essay completely before going through it.


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