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Is The Death Penalty Effective?

The death penalty is something that very few countries continue to use today. In fact, the United States is nearly alone on the list of countries who still use it, save for its worst enemies who also still use it. This means of punishment is meant to deter others from following in the footsteps of those who commit heinous crimes, and yet it is not effective. There are other means of promoting justice that will reduce recidivism rates and repair community wounds, particularly that of restorative justice. These types of programs offer better results for decreasing crime rates, especially of crimes whose previous punishment might have been the death penalty. Community restorative boards consist of small groups who conduct the face-to-face meetings. Generally this type of restorative justice program takes place when offenders are referred by a judge to attend this in lieu of other charges. Restorative circles were created to allow prisoners to meet with any family or friends in group therapy-type settings so that they may transition back into their community with the support of their friends as well as their family.

The implementation of restorative justice programs in prison systems significantly reduces recidivism rates while also reducing the number of internal conflicts. It does this by decreasing criminal behavior and criminal actions for the long term. Restorative justice does not just hold the offender accountable but holds the community, victim, and offender accountable to one another. As the offender takes positive actions through responsibility and reparations, they are able to view themselves in a positive manner again and as such, improve their behavior. The use of restorative justice is especially useful in terms of its therapeutic effects when combined with counseling for juvenile offenders, violent offenders, sex offenders, and those who need drug or family counseling. Restorative justice programs are limited in that drug offences, domestic violence, and sexual assault are not subject to the programs.

However, for other crimes, victims encountered positive results from restorative justice programs such as the improved ability to work, pick up their daily activities, and sleep. Victims of violent crimes do not worry about another offense being as likely. These also have reduced anger toward the offender as well as increased senses of security. They are able to sympathize more with the offender and any of the offender’s supports. Victims enjoy an increase in self-confidence and reduced anxiety. Allowing restorative justice for certain crimes is based on harm reduction.


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