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Human Relief Organizations

Humanitarian logistics is the ‘process of planning, implementing and controlling the efficient, cost-effective flow and storage of goods and materials, as well as related information, from the point of origin to the point of consumption for the purpose of alleviating the suffering of vulnerable people.’ In peacekeeping saving life’s is core mandate of military and logistics is the key in delivering the result.

The roles of the logistics and supply chain management include; to evacuate , to plan and deploy food, medicine and vaccines, allocation of local distribution center, airports and ports capacity and location assessment, to manage fleet and supplies, to create procedures and formalities of emergency relief, to create distribution centers and to find an alternative transportation route. Other roles include potential logistical sites assessment for distribution of supplies and fuel centres.

Further, they must do appeal management, and since it can be in-kind or cash, logistics must arrange with the in-kind donor to transport donations from the donors warehouse to distribution center and use the donations effectively. Also they must procure all the supplies and merge them with the available stocks in human relief organization (HRO’s) warehouse and transport them to the refugee camps and internally displace people in war stiffen zone. As HRO’s more may be working on the same site and assessing the same logistical facilities available such as roads, hotels and lodgings; competition may occur. The high demand and short supply of these facilities leads to increase in prices and in some cases goes up by 80% above the normal rate. Thus coordination of HRO’s is necessary to decrease the competition and merge supplies for the transportation to decrease costs and, become efficient and effective.

Most HRO’s don’t have expertise in all areas, thus outsourcing is another key role in supply chain management. Services such as site facilities management, Health, IT, distribution and warehousing, transport can be managed by a third party on behalf of the logistics department in HRO. This will assist in fast supply of goods, manage the costs and have the right management expertise of the site.

Thus the key role of HRO’s logistics is to alleviate human suffering, and bring the human basic needs to the war zone areas. Reports are mandatory coordination activity in HRO’s setup, donor will be informed of the needs of operations in the constituent. After the mission the HRO’s must dispose off the assets and write a report on the operations to the donors. All Management and marketing expenses must be less than 30% of the cost.


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