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How Do You Write an Essay: The Conclusion Should Stand Out

When watching a movie, nothing is more disappointing than loving the entire movie until the end ruins it. The conclusion of the movie is just as important as the entire plot, and a bad conclusion can leave you with a bad taste in your mouth. Similarly to the conclusion of a movie, the conclusion of an essay should also stand out, with a strong finish. When writing your essay you will want to consider from beginning to end from the start, have a strong thesis statement, and follow the organization you’ve outlined to lead you to your strong conclusion.

When starting to write your essay, you will have already completed and organized your research. With all of this information, you should have already gotten the chance to look at the big picture of your essay topic. What is the overarching point you are trying to make with you paper? Will the content of your paper make that point seamlessly, leading to your conclusion? You are striving to introduce your topic, thoroughly prove your point throughout your paper—leading to your strong conclusion. This strong conclusion is where any loose ends are tied and your point/thesis statement is reiterated. By considering the big picture from the start, you help ensure a successful conclusion.

Placing a strong thesis statement in the introduction of your paper will also provide the proper groundwork to lead you from the introduction, through the paper, to an effective conclusion. The importance of the thesis statement also goes hand in hand with the significance of following the paper’s planned organization. By using an outline format, you will have a guide for your essay. With a good introduction and this guide, you will magnificently be brought through the content of the essay to the conclusion.

The conclusion of your essay can make or break the entire paper, and consequently your grade, too. This makes for a very important factor in the essay writing process. Judge your conclusion how you would judge the end of the movie. How does your end measure up? Does the end make sense with the big picture? Is the point being made clear? Are there organized point made throughout the entirety, leading us to the conclusion? With consideration of these factors and careful writing, your conclusion will sure to be strong and standout amongst the rest.


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