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Composing a Strong Call to Action Essay

Being a motivator isn’t something that everyone is good at, not that they really have to be.  However, when it comes times creating a strong call to action essay, being a motivator is what students need to do.  They need to make the reader want to do what they are suggesting. The best call to action essay is one that makes the reader feel like they have no other choice to but complete the action the author is request. But it takes more than motivation to craft a great essay.

Attributes of Essay:

  • In a great call to action essay, the student /author will have to motivate the reader. They will have to connect with them on a person level so that they can reach them.
  • The student also as to have powerful language.  Saying please and thank you is good for passing food at the dinner table, but in a call to action essay the language needs to be strong, so that the readers feel compelled to act on the message.
  • A strong emotional pull is a must for the essay as well.  They need to connect with the read on this level.  They need to appeal to the emotions of the reader so that when the student states their call they want to help or do.
  • The writer also needs to be direct.  There can’t be not hinting at what they want the reader to do.  They need to come right out and say it.  There can’t be an implications.
  • Make the need seem urgent.  If the writer /student makes it seem as if this is a problem today, then there call to action will be more potent.  If the student implies that this isn’t something that need immediate attention then they risk the chance of losing their audience.
  • The writer /student needs to show why doing their action will benefit their reader.  Most people have the selfish bone, and they don’t want to do something unless it also benefits them. Making the action benefit them as well as whatever the action will benefit then the person is more apt to do the action.

Using these attributes will help a student create a strong call to action essay to provoke action in their audience and readers.  If the author /student using these attributes in their essay they will craft an essay that will urge their audience to do an action.  No matter what the action—join a club, vote, change jobs—the reader needs to want to do it by the end of the essay.


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