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Calling Off Ill When Not Ill

In order to avoiding those days where you call in sick but are not really sick you need to find work life balance. Maintaining a significant work-life balance is important in modern society. In a time where work is pushed on us from the time that we are children until (basically) we retire, it can be somewhat difficult to justify taking time off from work or not working extra hard to get the next promotion that we want. Well, in truth, it is extremely important that you maintain a life outside of work. Working all the time will put money in your pocket, yes, but is it truly satisfying?

At Work

While at work, there are some things that you can do in order to improve your life outside of work and to help maintain the balance. Try and become friends with some of the people at work. Attend work activities in your free time. If you do these things, however, you should make an attempt to fight the urge (and there will be an urge) to talk about work during these times. Becoming friendly with people at work can make work feel less like a chore and more like a part of your social life. With that being said, you also want to maintain an active life outside of work and avoid the pressure to combine the two or to simply give up on doing things when you get home (aka: sitting on the couch and falling asleep while watching Netflix syndrome).

When dealing with work itself, there is one very simple suggestion that I will make that can help maintaining proper balance between work and non-work life: leave your work at work. Don’t be one of those people who falls into the trap of working extra days or working on weekends in an effort to get an advance or a raise. Don’t take your work home with you at night and work on it at home either. Keep your two lives actually separate if you possibly can. The temptation to do this is especially present for individuals who are business owners. It can feel like your business is actually a part of you and, thus, can prove to be very difficult when trying to keep it away from your social life.

Outside of Work

Outside of work there is one tip that will solve all of your problems: don’t bring your work home. Sound familiar? It should. The same advice applies. Don’t be a couch potato. Go out and have fun. A lot of people who tend to mix their social and their work lives only do it because they cannot find things to do or do not find themselves having fun when they aren’t at work. In that situation they begin to think, “Well, what difference will it make?” The difference is enormous, they just have trouble seeing it. Pick up some hobbies that you enjoy. Go outside and try to enjoy nature. Maybe start a freelancing project on the side doing something that you love to do or that you are passionate about. Make sure you have something to do that you enjoy outside of work and everything will fall into place.


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