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What Is the Secret to Selecting Perfect Essay Topics?

Essay topics can very easily be divided into two sections.

  • Topics where you are told what to write about.
  • Topics where you get to choose what you will write about.

Now if your teacher or professor tells you that the topic you are to write about is such and such, there is an end to it. You have no choice but to do the best you can on that particular topic. However, and this is what this article is all about, if you are given a choice then this is your opportunity to select the perfect essay topic. What should you do? Well by answering all of the following questions you will certainly improve your chances at becoming good at selecting something which is really good to write about.

  • Will this topic help you in your current or future studies?
  • Do you have background information or knowledge about this topic?
  • Does this topic excite you or have you a passion to write about it?
  • Is this topic highly unusual or better still unique?

Because you have to write so many essays during your academic career, it's important to give yourself a helping hand. Make life easier for yourself. If you know what subject or subjects you will be studying later this term or semester or even in following years, why not choose an essay topic which is related to your future studies? You are helping yourself with tomorrow's subjects by increasing your knowledge of that subject today.

If you already have a strong knowledge base on a particular subject, why not take advantage of that fact? You already have knowledge and skills in a particular area and this means it would be common sense to write about it. Draw on your resources. You may have to do additional research but you already have a great knowledge base from which to start.

It's a fact of life that if you are excited about a topic, if it arouses a passionate interest in you, it will be easier to write about and your writing will reflect your excitement. The opposite also applies. If you hate the subject, you will find it boring, then chances are your writing will reflect your attitude.

If you come across a topic which is highly unusual or better still, unique, and it meets the criteria of the points above, you may well have found a perfect essay topic. Even if it is a common or popular essay topic, by finding a unique approach to that topic you can do yourself some serious good.


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