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Composing A High School Essay On Natural Resources In North America

Getting a homework assignment on a topic relating to natural resources could be an open door to opening fellow students and even teachers to how much we need to protect our trees, oceans and lakes. Some of us take these natural beauties for granted. But if you give people an outlook at how beautiful they are and how much they help us, maybe you can change someone's outlook on how precious they are to us.

Some of the Most Beautiful Places Get Some of the Worst Treatment

Who doesn't love going to the beach? It's hard to find someone who doesn't at least like it a bit. The beach is peaceful. Unfortunately, if you go on any given day, you're apt to find trash scattered along the sand. There is one time a year when 100's of people volunteer to clean up the beaches at least in some areas. It's a blessing when people take the time to do that. It helps keep the area in front of the ocean as stunning as it was meant to be.

Toxic chemicals have been known to spill into the ocean, waste at times, and other things we probably don't want to know about. While it is not what we'd like, that is why there are places set up to clean our water and make it safe to drink. And these places are guarded. We have lots of breathtaking trees, but we also tend to cut them down. Imagine if we continue to replant trees when we're dumb enough to cut down a perfectly healthy tree. Replanting seems like a way to clean up a mess and restore it to near new condition.

Some of many awesome things our trees give us:

  • oxygen

  • gorgeous natural view

  • shade from hot weather

  • something fun for kids to climb (depending on the tree)

We should thank the trees on some level by doing just what those replanting people do. Try not to cut down the tree at all. If you do, replant another one. We are so fortunate we get to enjoy all of the greenery and large areas of water. Not only would explaining just a touch of this as an essay be thought-provoking, but it would also make the beginning of a good speech. A good way to encourage others to be nice to our forests and water.


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