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Composing A Brilliant Essay About Martial Arts: Basic Hints

If you should write an essay on martial arts, you have a unique opportunity to learn more about these ancient styles of fighting, understand their philosophy, and dig deeper into their origins. Moreover, it’s a great chance to demonstrate how skillful you are as a writer and how effectively you can develop your argument.

Prewriting Stage

  • Decide on the topic.
  • You can explore lots of great ideas in your paper on martial arts. You may write about a particular style of fighting, like karate, kung fu, tae kwon do, etc. You may focus on a specific country (China, Korea, or Japan) where martial arts are commonly practiced. You may explore the evolution of a particular fighting style or research the influence of martial arts on human health.

  • Define the essay type.
  • Before you set about writing, you should clearly understand what kind of writing you are required to produce. Read the assignment details. If you should simply give information to your reader on a particular topic, it’s the expository piece you should compose. If you have to share your opinion on a particular issue in the field and prove it with a set of strong arguments, it’s likely that you need to write an argumentative paper.

  • Develop an outline.
  • A detailed outline will help you create a well-organized and informative piece. Brainstorm on your martial arts topic and decide what points or arguments you are going to provide. For a standard 5-paragraph paper, there will be three main points presented in separate body paragraphs. Jot down what details you will use to support your main points.

Writing Stage

  • Create an effective introduction.
  • Introduce your topic by giving some background information on the issue. A relevant example from life or an apt quote about martial arts will help you effectively start your paper as well. Remember to state your thesis in the introductory paragraph.

  • Write the body paragraphs.
  • Keep to your outline when writing the essay body. Provide the main points exposing the topic or the main arguments supporting your viewpoint in separate body paragraphs.

  • Use corresponding transitions.
  • Make sure that your writing flows smoothly and logically.

  • Show respect for the opposing viewpoints.
  • This advice is true for argumentative writing. If others have different views on the martial arts issue you write about, mention these viewpoints and refute them. This trick will make your essay only stronger.

  • Wrap up your argument in the conclusion.
  • Remember that your conclusion should restate the thesis and briefly list the main points from your paper. If possible, give food for thought.


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