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Basic Points on Essay Writing: Common Mistakes Made by Freshmen

Sometimes in high school kids don’t have to do that many essays. So when they go to college, they are not that sure of themselves. In writing an essay, it is important to be very sure of yourself, or no one else will be. In this article, this will be talked about; how not to make some of the more common mistakes, that can make the essay look weak. Because a weak essay is a sign that the student in either, not sure of themselves, or not good in English.

  1. Do Not Exaggerate
  2. Grammar
  3. Spelling
  4. Use Proper Format
  • Do Not Exaggerate
  • State the facts, and the views of the student, do not exaggerate the facts. Sometimes embellishing the facts might make the point look better, but it actually does not. What it does, is make the student look bad, and unsure of themselves, so they embellish the facts, so that the instructor will take notice. They will, but not the way the student wants. The facts will speak for themselves. They do not need any help. Use the student’s own views and perceptions to bring out the facts where they need to be, don’t glamorize them. It will only backfire.

  • Grammar
  • It is normal for a freshman to get nervous when turning in their first college essay. Every college and University student goes through this. Even though the instructors know this, they cannot ignore the quality of the writing. Remember an essay is not graded on what the student says, but how they write it. Make sure and edit the essay before turning in the work, to make sure the grammar is correct.

  • Spelling
  • This is just like the Grammar. Sometimes a freshman gets nervous, and misspells a word or two, this is part of the writing of the essay, and the grade. Edit and make sure every word is spelt correctly.

  • Use Proper Format
  • Use the format the instructor assigns. This should be one of the first things a student does, look at their syllabus and find what formats the instructors will want, and get the appropriate handbook. This should be done the same time the student gets their textbooks, as these are just as important. When it is assigned, read the handbook, and utilize the information, to write the essay. If the format is not used, it will not matter how good the essay is, it will fail.


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