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Use Free Sample To Create An Amazing 5 Paragraph Essay

If you need to write an amazing 5 paragraph essay you can use a free sample as a guide. It will show you the following:

  • An introductory paragraph is very essential when writing a 5 paragraph essay. Its introduction should have an attention grabbing thesis statement. This should be a simple outline which explains everything about the essay. The introduction is intended to explain in details what the essay will be about. Many people don’t have the time to read the entire document. It should also have a transition hook which directs the reader to the next paragraph.

  • Once the introduction is done, the writer needs to write a very comprehensive body paragraph. This paragraph should be very comprehensive so that it can show the reader that you have done a lot of research about it. In the next line, a ‘reverse hook’ should be written to link the paragraph with the introduction paragraph. Once this is done, in the first or second line, the subject of the topic should be elucidated well. Of course, the topic should have a close relation to the thesis statement. A transition hook is very important at the end of the paragraph. This hook will provide a link between the two paragraphs.

  • The second strongest argument in your topic should be described in the second paragraph. This should follow the previous concept so that a unique case could be built. The topic that you want to address in this topic should be in the first and second line. In addition, this topic should relate to all the concepts in the thesis statement. Finally, it should be noted that a transition hook should be put in place in the last sentence.

  • As noted above, the third body paragraph in the 5 paragraph essay should have a reverse hook which carefully joins the paragraphs. This hook will ensure continuous flow of concepts. It is important to make sure that the topic for this paragraph is placed in the first or second line. It should relate closely to the topic being investigated. The last part of the paragraph should have a transition hook to the next paragraph. Ideally, this should go on and on until a conclusion paragraph is written.

  • Finally, the fifth paragraph should be a summary of the whole essay. The thesis and the ideas written should be stated and summarized in an easy manner. Most readers go through the introduction and the conclusion to find out whether the essay is good or not.

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