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Instructions from the experts on how to write a professional essay

The purpose of business writing is to persuade the reader or inform them in a clear and concise manner. Business writing and all professional writing requires a slightly different style and use of language compared to an English literature paper or a research paper.

When writing a professional paper it is important to first reflect on the purpose of the paper. Think about the audience. Doing both will better prepare you to create an outline that focuses on the concepts most relevant to the topic. It will also prepare you to more clearly demonstrate the focal point of your writing. Writing a good essay does take time no matter the purpose but being able to effectively craft professional business papers is an invaluable tool that will aid communication.

  1. Start by determining your purpose. Is the point of this paper to persuade a company to partner with you? Is the point to inform your client base of a new product? Is the point to make an argument as to why it would be better financially to rent equipment compared to buying it?
  2. Consider your audience and how that will change the structure of your writing and the tone you use when writing. Make sure the professional essay is tailored to fit the requirements of the audience. Ask yourself why they will read this paper and what they should take away from it when they are done reading.
  3. Make an outline with your main points and any supporting evidence. Consider the counterarguments and the conclusion. Make sure to integrate concrete evidence (numbers and statistics) where ever possible and if you use any references cite them in a professional manner. It does not matter what citation style you use so long as you remain consistent throughout the piece.
  4. Write the preliminary draft referring to your outline for guidance. Explain every point in a clear and concise manner. Try and keep the copy limited to a few pages and ensure your conclusion is clearly presented in the last section of the paper.
  5. Read over the draft for structure. Make sure the arguments flow in a logical manner. If the readability is shaky in some places try and change your text style. Perhaps bullet points are better suited in one area than block text. Integrate titles and subtitles for each section so that it is more reader-friendly.
  6. Review the tone and your sentence structure. Make sure the tone is professional and police but also sincere.
  7. Proofread the draft for any spelling errors or grammatical issues.

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