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How to come up with easy argument essay topics

Writing an argument paper can seem difficult and quite painstaking at first, but once you learn the steps to follow it becomes much less complicated and much easier to complete. The intensive research required for a research paper can be difficult and time consuming, but it should not be frustrating and a cause for anxiety. If you do things correctly it won’t be that much of a problem.

So, in order to produce the best research paper, follow these steps:

  1. Find a topic that truly interests you. If you are assigned a topic with an explicit topic sentence or thesis, then this step does not apply to you and you can move on to the next one.
  2. Start locating reliable sources. You should use your academic and/or public library to locate reliable peer reviewed journal articles and books by professionals in your field. You should ensure you make full use of the library’s research tools, as well as the librarians. They are there to help and if you need assistance finding the right article or photocopying an old newspaper, they can help.
  3. Take notes. Use the index cards to write done a single quote or statistic and include the citation on the back in accordance with whatever format your course requires. This will save you a lot of effort later. Do not forget to mark the page number!
  4. Create an outline. Shuffle your notes around until you find something that works well and then draft a single page outline.
  5. Convert your outline into a preliminary draft. Follow the notes and include the statistics and the quotes you had in your notes.
  6. Proofread. This is vastly different from editing. Proofreading is an opportunity to review the paper as a whole rather than each sentence. You should ensure your flow is on task, that readers understand your argument, and that every point you make is backed by sufficient evidence.
  7. Once you have your preliminary draft done, write out the final draft.
  8. Now is the time to edit. Look over the final draft sentence by sentence until you have found every grammatical and typographical error.

Finding Topics

Take a moment to look over the list below and see if anything stands out. Use these topics to find a thesis you are passionate about:

  • Literacy
  • Malpractice
  • Media
  • Organ sales
  • Oil companies
  • Privacy
  • Racial bias

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