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Evolution Of Police Vehicles

Police cars have been an important equipment in everyday duty of policemen for more than a century. Form, color, producer and quantity have changed over the years, but the purpose remains the same – to keep the citizens that are under the protection of this specific police unite safe and well. This essay will describe what changes the police cars had to undergo during all these years, how these cars look now and what they are equipped with.

First police cars were introduced in far 1899. It run on electricity and had the speed of only 16 miles per hour. It first appeared in the state of Ohio and was used only by elite police units. In 1920 cars were introduced to police departments of New York City. They called themselves a Radio Motor Patrol and were called to patrol the city in search of potential wrongdoings. Pursue of fugitives has become much easier.

Ford stepped into the world of supplying the motor police vehicles in 1932. It was produced in huge quantities and had quite a cheap price, which allowed the police to supply their officers. The fashion for police cars quickly spread through all the states and soon almost all police departments had at least one car at their disposal. In 1940s Ford was joined by General Motors and Chrysler, which started to produce special police packages, which included not only the car itself, but a lot of supporting equipment as well.

In 1970s people started to care a lot more about the environment and gas emission, which lead to step-down of massive Chrysler cars, which had the lead for more than 20 years. Ford and Chevrolet have become the new standard. In 1996 government has terminated the Chevrolet police project and Ford Crown Victoria has become, and remains till now, one of the most popular and used cars in police service. In 2011 it was decided to make Ford Taurus (6th generation) the next model car for police. However, it has not been widely adopted yet and most police departments still use Crown Victoria.

Modern police cars are equipped with two-way radios, used for communication with the dispatcher and commandment, the device that measures the speed of the vehicle, pursued by police car, vehicle tracking system, which points the police officers towards the stolen cars in their vicinity, as well as several evidence gathering devices, such a video cameras and sound recorders.


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