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Creating A Synthesis Essay: 10 Best Writing Prompts For Students

The topics should not only be the best, but stand out with both the writer and the audience. It is a fact that the younger the student, the harder it will be to get and keep their attention. These topics if read and followed up on would be advantageous to the audience. Fortunately, the subject of this paper should be one of the easiest and quickest forums of arguing with the most intensity the writer should have put into it.


Education, how can a paper fall into a more proper place then the school that is represented with all its investigating done by the writer? The 10 best prompts would be as follows:

  1. Has cheating become a bigger problem than in the past?
  2. Should students have any input on the evaluation of teachers?
  3. Is there too much emphasis on sports in school?
  4. If students are subjected to drug testing, should teachers also?
  5. Do parents have the right to prevent their children from partaking in standardized testing?
  6. Athletes aren’t allowed to receive cash for their achievements, how about students receiving rewards for their academic achievements?
  7. Who decides what our children are really learning in school?
  8. If student’s records are confidential, who should be allowed to view them?
  9. How big of a problem is bullying or cyber bullying in your school or community?
  10. Should there be tracking devices put in the student’s I.D. cards?

Ready to Banter

Keeping in mind through this paper that this audience will likely be ready to banter on these matters to a point that satisfies all involved in this field. I can not see a lack of interest on this subject no matter what side of the paper catches your response. This particular paper is set up for quick and to the point action, which again, will only lead to success if constructed correctly.

Powerful Intro Sentences

There’s the introductory paragraph, in which the intro sentence adds as a hook capturing the reader’s attention. Then there is identifying the issue you will be discussing. Finally, your thesis statement must be addressed. For the paragraphs of the body: 1st- topic sentence stating one reason to support your thesis, 2nd-your explanation or opinion of the topic sentence, 3rd- support from your sources that back up your claims, 4th- explanation of the significance of the sources.


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