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Composing An Essay On Why Daughters Are Better Than Sons

Schoolwork can be challenging at times, especially when it comes to writing. Some essay topics may appear to be a complete curve ball depending on the topic. For instance, if as a male student, you are told to talk about why daughters are better than sons, it may be very difficult to stick to the topic and remain objective. However, there are a few tips and guidelines that can make the process simpler for you. Here are tips that can help you compose such a subjective paper with ease.

Perspective change

There are many times when our world view makes it difficult to be objective when discussing certain topics. For instance, talking about how the opposite sex is better as children than you will not go down easy well. The first thing you need is get the perspective of the other sex. One of the people that can give you perspective is parents. Present the question to your mom and ask them for a few pointers as to how they would tackle the question. This will give you a few points to think about.

The other person you can consult with is your sister. It may seem like you are giving them an opportunity to boast, but if you listen to the things they will point out, you will have a few points for the paper.

Getting help

In case you are still struggling with the essay, it is possible to get someone with a different opinion to write for you. There are experts in custom essay writing who can help with such topics. What they will do is assign your question to a person of the opposite sex. Their different view on parenting will help you get the paper that you need.

Taking a completely different stand

Another approach that you can take when looking into these writing is digging into the underlying cause of some kids being branded as better than others. For instance, a mother may prefer a girl child because her gender has been socialized to be more helpful around the house. The father on the other hand will be inclined to like the boy child because he will be a partner in the outdoor activities. You can argue that if these gender constraints were removed, all children would be loved equally by their parents. As long as you have evidence to support the claims you make, your paper will earn you good marks.


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