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How To Compose A Decent Cause And Effect Essay On Obesity In America

With more and more Americans becoming overweight and obese, some serious awareness is required. Most people think being obese means just wearing large cloths but there are several other implications that needs to be highlighted about this condition. What better way of raising awareness than writing a good cause and effect essay on obesity among Americans. If nothing else, you will have better knowledge about the condition at the end of the day and all the reason why you should avoid it.

Raise awareness:

The first thing that people think about obesity is that it happens due to over eating and the result of obesity is larger clothes and risks of cardiovascular diseases. Although this is true it is not even half of the argument. There are many other causes of obesity as there are widespread effects on overweight people. You will have to highlight these through your writing and bring the truth to the forefront.

The first thing that you will have to do is research well into the subject. You can get a lot of facts from the various medical websites and awareness projects. There will be tons of information along with various examples. You can even take an interview of an obese person and use portions of it in support of your facts.

Some probable causes of obesity that you can explore:

  • A lifestyle that involves very less physical labor. The lack of exercise in a person’s day to day routine can lead to obesity.
  • Some families have a history of obesity and it is in their genetics. You can explore more on what genetic traits cause it.
  • Some people become overweight due to the effect of hormones or wrong treatments. Some treatments have obesity as a side effect.

Here are some effects to which you should draw the reader’s attention:

  • Even when the connection between cancer and obesity has not been proved, many doctor think there is enough circumstantial evidence to warn people.
  • It is a proven medical fact that people who are overweight have more chances of migraines and headaches.
  • Obesity is directly linked with infertility and premature birth.
  • A lot of obese Americans have difficulty in sleeping. Due to the excess weight they can not get enough rest.
  • There are also psychological effects as fat people are the butt of most jokes. This can result in severe depression in many people.

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