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A Detailed Guide on How to Make an Outline for an Essay

An essay outline needs to cover every aspect of the essay. This is so that when the essay is written, the student knows exactly what is going where. So they can then worry only about wording the resource in. This allows the student more freedom to develop the essay as it needs to flow, not worry about what goes where, and how to get it there.

  1. Introduction
  2. Body
  3. Conclusion



Open with reference to the Deep Horizon accident

Line 2-3; Paraphrase “USGS Release: Research, Response for Future Oil Spills: Lessons Learned from Deepwater Horizon” report

Line 4; reiterate findings, ad express importance

Lines 5-6; introduce essay, and purpose


Explain Objective, end with a quote from “Deep-water Drilling Remains a Risky Business”


Explain how research was done, and what sources used. Include product sheets, because of their importance to the research.

Looking at this, one can see how the introduction is broken down, and laid out. The only thing that needs done, is wording the essay so that these references can be used to support it.



Divide into two sections, “Regulation” and “Free Market”


Cover why better regulation is needed, and how it cannot interfere with business, but make it safer on two levels

Use “Deepwater Horizon: Lessons Learned”, due to the importance to the thought.

Free Market

Use Hess Corp.’s product page, “Hess Corp., We Are Leveraging Our Experience and Technological Expertise” to express the importance of using the free market to fix the problems

Second paragraph, lead with “U.S. Deepwater Drilling's Future” to introduce readers to the limited issues with drilling. Use “Drilling in Deep Water” and “The Costs and Benefits of Deepwater Drilling Regulation” to show what the exact amount of damage is, compared to other issues.

Here now the same design is used, as was used in the introduction, but it is showing how the body is broken up, and what is used at what stage.



Explain how bringing the two together is the only way to fix the problems before they become major. Use “Lesli Wood: Exploring Gulf of Mexico Deep Water Oil” to emphasize it.

Second paragraph, work off from “BSEE Issues Final Safety Drilling Rule” to show how development is already starting to work on regulation of safety procedures. And then express how it needs to be kept this way as to allow the free market to develop the technology and techniques to fit within these guidelines.

Even in the conclusion, the style does not change, but the means it is used does. This shows exactly how an outline is set up, and detailed from start to finish.


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