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How To Find A Proofread Example Of A Profile Essay?

Having the opportunity to read a proofread example can really help you if you have been asked to complete a profile essay. It not only sets the scene it also helps you target the skills that you need to exhibit and helps you aim for excellence.

You have several options

  • You can ask your tutor. This is good place to start. They may have already used an example in a class session to illustrate the aim of the profile essay. They may also have used the example to help the class fine tune their skills or introduce new skills.
  • If you are a little unsure you can always ask for advice from the learning support department. If you feel that you have not got the skills to complete a profile essay they may offer a one to one session where a Learning Support tutor may help you to identify and build on those skills. They may also help you with your own proof reading skills or give you some advice of where to look for further information.
  • Ask in the school library. They may be able to find you examples of proofread profile essay's that span different topics. This can be quite useful as you may be able to get a better view reading a few examples. It may also be useful to seem examples from several different grades varying from poor to outstanding. This is important because sometimes no amount of proofreading and editing can change the content of the essay.
  • Have a look online. Checkout a few academic writing or academic support websites. If they offer proofreading services as well they will probably have some examples of profile papers. To get the examples you may have to sign up to the web site but this should require the minimum of information and will certainly not ask for your back or card details. Then you will be able to download the example and read in your own time.
  • Also look at homework websites as they may have tutorial or videos that relate to profile essays. Ideally what you are looking for is a demonstration of an annotated profile paper that has been proofread. This then makes the process more of a learning situation as you will be able to understand the changes that need to be made to the essay through proofreading. It may even help you develop your own proofreading skills.

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