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Interesting Essay Topics To Consider: 25 Original Writing Prompts

If you're struggling with your essay and cannot come up with an interesting topic for your paper, consider using the following ideas:

  1. Should animals be used to test new medicines for cancer?

  2. Are Zoos necessary? Do they just offer opportunities for a day out or do they really offer an insight into conservation research?

  3. Some of the items that we import from other countries contain chemicals that are harmful, yet they are still allowed to be sold in this country, what can we do to halt the imports of these cheap yet dangerous products?

  4. Why should we allow animals to be used in the research for new cosmetics?

  5. Should the production of nuclear weapons and nuclear fuels be banned in every country?

  6. Is the election system for the government a fair process? If not how could it be improved?

  7. Is the need for gluten free products a fad or is there a genuine need? Why has the need for gluten free foods greatly increased over the past decade?

  8. When most of the world has access to the English language, why do we need to learn foreign languages?

  9. In today’s world of global communications and free markets, why is it important for small countries to establish and maintain their language, culture and identities?

  10. Is it right for tourists to visit other countries and not adhere to the cultural protocols? Should they have to undergo some sort of instruction before they make a visit?

  11. What is the biggest threat to world peace? Has society changed its attitude to how world peace could be achieved?

  12. Why is it important to maintain diplomacy with countries that can sometimes appear hostile to our culture?

  13. The population of the world is increasing quicker than we can produce enough food to support everyone, how can we improve farming methods to change this?

  14. What will happen to our global communications system if there is a significant power outage?

  15. Why is it important to learn to cook when there are so many fast food outlets that cater for many types of different food preferences?

  16. Is Global Warming a reality or is it another phase in the ever changing nature of the planet on which we live?

  17. Do we really need to go to the gym to keep fit? Surely if we got rid of all of our labour saving devices we as a nation would be fitter?

  18. Would it be possible to maintain our busy lifestyles if we did not have access to many of the labour saving devices that are available today in comparison to 50 or 100 years ago?

  19. Why is it important that children as young as 9 years old have access to their own cell phone?

  20. It has recently been reported that there has been a significant decline in the number of bees, why are bees important? How can we stop the decline in the bee population? What can be done to change this?

  21. Should professional athletes be allowed to take part in the Olympic Games?

  22. Fashion will go out of trend, but there is evidence that if you keep an item for long enough it will come back into fashion. Are there current fashion trends that are adaptations from the past 6 decades?

  23. What is an effective deterrent for murder? Will people murder other people no matter what the deterrent is?

  24. Which is a better teaching method, laissez faire, child centred approach or traditional methods where children learned by rote?

  25. Do you think that there will be a real need for people on Earth to seek to live on other planets or is it just science fiction?

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