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Explaining a Concept: Eye-Catching Essay Topics

Has anyone ever sat you down and explained to you how to come up with an awesome topic for your essay? There are some tips that can really help take your title and make it stand out amongst everyone else’s. These pointers have to do with choosing your topic, as well as wording it correctly.

  • Creating a good impression on your potential readers
  • The first thing you should ask when thinking up an essay topic is, “What would catch my attention if I was in the mindset to read about my subject?” Provide at least four answers to this question in the form of topic sentences. Later on, you will tweak these to make them even better, and finally, you’ll narrow them down to just one. In the meantime, concentrate on writing something that would catch your attention.

  • The importance of context
  • Unless you’re writing for a tabloid magazine, it’s very important not to mislead your readers. The topic title must hold true to the content of your essay. Sure, it’s important to catch your reader’s attention, but not by using a hyper-sensationalized heading that has readers disappointed when they reach the content.

  • Your topic is a snapshot of your essay
  • Instead, let your topic represent your content. Let it be like a photograph of what you’ve written. Give your reader a preview. When they read your title, they should be saying, “Yes, I want to read this. I relate to the subject. I can learn something here.”

    If you can master the art of summing up your essay in a few words, you’ve got a good topic title on your hands.

  • Narrow your topic to a point of specificity
  • Now that you’ve tweaked your four or more topics, you can start working on choosing the best one. Remember that your topic should be something that’s easy to research, and fun to write about. Be sure that you as the writer are also interested enough to write something that’s worth reading. If you enjoyed writing it, your readers will enjoy reading it.

Try these methods out for your next essay topic. If you have the freedom to come up with your own topic, always make an effort to choose a really good one. This will help you during the writing process and also help keep you involved in your subject while you work.


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