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Good Argumentative Essay Topics Are Hard to Find

Argumentative essays are assigned nearly every day. This creates the problem of overused essay topics. How many times have you been asked to write about school uniforms? Or whether or not schools should allow students to use their cellphones? Or whether or not marijuana should be legalized? The repetitiveness of argumentative essays makes them rather boring for students. It also makes it difficult to find a good essay topic that has not been overused.

Go Local And Be Original

When you need to find a good argumentative essay topic, you can turn to your local issues. These always create new ideas for arguing. You could argue topics about:

  • Zoning changes
  • Adding new restaurants
  • The pros and cons of gentrification
  • What is missing from your community
  • Why people should listen to a certain radio station
  • Whether or not citizens should vote for a certain candidate
  • What is best school in your community

Community-based argumentative essays can be exciting to write about because you can actually use first hand sources. If you need a certain amount of sources to prove your case, you can actually interview people who are directly involved in the topic you are investigating.

Look at Current Events to Create a New Topic

If you prefer to write about a bigger topic that involves more people, you can always look to current events for inspiration. There are always topics about women’s rights in developing nations as well as food supplies in those nations. Argumentative essays can always be written about whether or not a powerful government needs to get involved in developing nation’s issues. You will not be able to get first-hand sources, but you will certainly be able to find facts to support the idea that you want to argue.

Turn the Oldies into Original Topics

If you prefer to look at a general topic, then you will need to move back into the general argumentative topics. But, you can make them uniquely yours by trying to write about them in a new and unusual way. For example, if you have to write about whether or not your school should adopt uniforms, maybe you meet in the middle and write about how students should wear school clothes with the school colors, name, or logo everyday. By shifting the way that you approach the typical topics, you can make argumentative essay writing more enjoyable.


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