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Hooking Techniques To Use in The Introduction of Your Analytical Essay

Traditionally analytical essays are known for being boring because they are all stuffed with facts and figures, void of entertainment value. However, this is actually a common misconception because GREAT writers always figure out a way to make their essays interesting for readers- even their analytical ones. Don’t think it is possible- well you may be mistaken. With the right skills it is possible to make ANY type of essay interesting.

Here, we have listed 3 ways to hook your reader in your introduction so that they are not bored to death reading your paper!

  1. Humor
  2. You could always start your analytical essay with a joke! What?

    If you want to get your readers attention right off the bat begin your analytical essay with a funny joke or antidote related to the paper’s main topic. This takes a little bit of creativity (and a sense of humor) to do, but if you can pull it off you will hook yourself a reader AND potentially an A+.

  3. Interesting fact or tidbit of information
  4. If writing comedy isn’t your strength, you can always being your analytical paper with an interesting fact or piece of trivia related to your paper’s main topic. Beginning with a relevant but interesting piece of “accurate” (make sure it is true) information is an age-old clinching technique to ease the audience into your paper’s introduction.

  5. Use a current event
  6. Last but certainly not least, a fantastic way to set your paper apart from the crowd is by beginning with a modern antidote or current event that is directly related to the subject that you are writing on. Tying it in with current news helps to give your paper an updated- and relevant feel. Your instructor/ the person grading you will instantly admire the fact that you tied it in to something that is relevant to the modern era.

Do you still think that all analytical essays have to start and finish on a boring note? Obviously, there are some easy ways that you can grab your reader’s attention from the get go and still compose a fantastic analytical paper.

Remember, the introduction is the most important part of your paper because it sets the tone for the entire document. Begin strong, stay strong, and end strong- that is how you ace any academic writing assignment.


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