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Top 24 Great Essay Topics Related To All Quiet On The Western Front

All Quiet on the Western Front is a novel written by a German war veteran and is considered by many critics as the biggest critique of war. If you are given to write an essay on any chosen topic related to the novel, here are top 24 essay topics for your further reference.

  1. What is the central theme of the Remarque's novel?

  2. How does the novelist depict the technological applications used in the war?

  3. How do the military innovations impact the soldiers’ lives?

  4. Whom does Paul along with his compatriots consider as enemies?

  5. Explain why Paul and his comrades fear the war end would be as devastating as the war

  6. How do wars give power to power-hungry and jingoist men?

  7. How successful is the novel critiquing the idealistic rhetoric of war and patriotism?

  8. How does this critique pertain to 19th century notions of patriotism?

  9. How good or bad Paul is as a central character?

  10. Discuss how the objectives of All Quiet on the Western Front impact the style and format of the novel

  11. Elaborate the theme of horrors of War in the novel

  12. Explore the theme of Romanticism and nationalism in war

  13. What military inventions singled out World War I from previous political and international conflicts?

  14. Discuss the novelist's use of the theme of nature

  15. Explain how the novelist develops the notion of camaraderie amidst battle

  16. The role of women in All Quiet on the Western Front

  17. Use of irony in All Quiet on the Western Front

  18. Analyze the use of similes and metaphors in the novel

  19. How can a reader track the war progress through the search for food and other supplies by Paul and his compatriots?

  20. Do you see Paul’s death as a tragedy or a blessing in disguise? Explain.

  21. How Remarque has reduced humans to mere animals through his description of life at the battlefield?

  22. Write a critical essay on the technologies used in World War 1?

  23. Explain the symbolism used in the cemetery bombardment

  24. Explain the symbolism used in Paul Baumer's attempt to save experienced warrior Kat

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