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Smart Hand Held Devices

To previous generations a phone was used to call someone to deliver a usually important message. After all, the cost of calling someone and talking for a few minutes was no small amount. Today however, we have cell phones, and they are a whole different device that only vaguely resembles phones of the old days. For starters, the ability to call someone is only one of features a cellphone provides.

Life changing

The creation of the cell phone, and subsequently smart devices, has greatly changed the world today. For starters, they gave us the ability to communicate over long distances, without going to a special place. We could talk to someone while walking down the street, or never be out of touch with a loved one while they are away. Though this may have proven unfortunate for some people who have been filmed in the process of commiting crimes by passersby in possession of a cellular.

Constant entertainment

Smart devices offer way more than just the ability to call someone however. Now you can browse the internet, watch a movie, play complex video games alone or with friends, write an email take pictures and much more from the palm of your hand! The options seem unlimited as companies keep creating application (app) after app for these hand held devices and developers are always adding more features and processing capability to these instruments.

Access to cheap portable cameras

People from all over the world are in touch now more than ever because of the camera feature present in most phones today. Long ago when cameras were bulky, it really took some planning before one could take a picture or a recording. Now just about everyone is walking around with a very good, reliable camera in their pockets which means that many before missed events can now be shared by all. This has probably made law enforcement officers as well as criminals really check their actions, since they can find themselves providing solid evidence for their own convictions.

Countless apps mean you will never be bored, anywhere you go you can whip out your trusty pocket computer and play a game, or read a book, even put on your headset and watch a movie or listen to music. In fact, it is sometimes scary to get on a bus and have no one look at you because everyone has their face aimed at their hand held device.


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