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40 Winning Argumentative Essay Topics To Write About

An argumentative essay topic should be something a group of people can agree or disagree with. You do not have to choose a generally accepted fact or topic if you want to convince your readers of your ideas. Here is a list of topics to help you distinguish and argumentative style topic.

  1. Drug use is safe as long as it is not abuse
  2. Drug use is never safe whether abuse or not
  3. Marxism is a failed theory in terms of application
  4. Marxism is a realistic theory better than capitalism
  5. Music we listen to has effects on our personality and character
  6. Music is only an entertainment and has got nothing to do with personal traits
  7. Intelligence is only hereditary
  8. Intelligence can be developed with the environment and lifestyle
  9. Leadership is an innate quality
  10. Leadership qualities can be learned with time and experience
  11. Passion and profession should always stay the same
  12. People who do not follow their passion as their career are more successful
  13. Innovation is a hindrance to academic success
  14. Innovation is not a hindrance to academic success
  15. A leader needs to address the concerns of the common people
  16. A leader only needs to make decisions and implement them on people
  17. Autocratic management style is effective as compared to democratic
  18. Democracy is the best way to run any organization
  19. State should be responsible for the healthy and clean environment for its people
  20. People are responsible for healthy and clean environment they live in
  21. Child abuse has long lasting effects on an individual’s sex life
  22. Child abuse is only an incident that gets over with the childhood
  23. Islam is a peaceful religion
  24. No religion is peaceful
  25. Religion encourages oppression of the female gender
  26. Religion is only for betterment of people
  27. Rejection leads to retaliation
  28. Rejection never leads to retaliation
  29. People with rich families are more successful
  30. People with poor family background tend to be more successful
  31. Hard work is the key to success
  32. Smart work is the key to success
  33. Saving and expenses need to go hand in hand
  34. Expenses are important than savings
  35. Love marriages are better than arrange
  36. Arranged marriages are better than love
  37. Love and friendship cannot stay side by side
  38. Love and friendship are vital for each other
  39. Boys are better problem solvers
  40. Girls are better problem solvers

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