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Top 9 Argumentative Essay Topics Related To Health

The health sector is another wide field that provides you with a great opportunity to choose an essay topic. Nevertheless, making a decision could pose great difficulties if you are not inquisitive. There are numerous ways of formatting your argumentative essay, however, the basic rules of paragraphing, proper grammatical and sentence structure and good vocabulary still apply. Writing services and custom term papers are a great source to choosing the right essay topic for your paper.

Tips on selecting a health topic

The first most important step is to choose a subject heading with which you can easily raise strong argumentative points and draw the attention of other people in having the same views as you. Below are other tips you need to consider:

  • Choose a subject which is constantly in people's conversations. This will help you gain more points against or for your topic.
  • Choose a topic that has not been discussed earlier. This won't limit the points you argue out as well as ensure you avoid being too monotonous and create a boredom atmosphere as people have been used to that same topic now and then.

A far most necessary point is to ensure a topic arouses interest. This will increase your enthusiasm in conducting a research as well as writing an amazing essay paper. In addition, avoid steering toward topics that people have an already set opinion as it will be difficult to convince them. Such topics include abortion, drugs abuse and dieting practices. Though they may seem easy to tackle, typically they are not.

Below are some of the emerging essays topics related to health:

  1. Psychiatrist should be allowed to testify for their clients who are charged with murder cases.
  2. Restrictions should be placed on the quantity of soft drinks taken.
  3. Is a fatty or low fat diet important to your health?
  4. Doctors should assist in carrying out abortion procedures to avoid use of personal risky methods used for the same task.
  5. Drug addicts and peddlers need to be enrolled in rehabilitation centers rather than facing imprisonment.
  6. Health practitioners should annually be tested for HIV/AIDS.
  7. Surgery is a good and effective way to tackle obesity.
  8. Are junk foods the only cause of obesity in majority of the people?
  9. Skipping of meals is highly preferable than to eating of junk.

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