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10 Most Burning Social Issues Essay Topics

There are certainly a lot of social issue topics that you can write about. A social issue is a social problem that can be very controversial. There is usually no right or wrong answer when it comes to these issues. If you are trying to choose a topic that tops all others, here is a list of the ten most burning social issues topics that are sure to get the attention of your audience. These topics are so heavily debated that you will definitely get someone’s blood boiling.

  • Number Ten: Stem cell research from human embryos
  • The main controversy is over whether it is ethical to do stem cell research on human embryos. The controversy stems from the fact that once the stem cells are removed from the embryo, it can no longer survive. Stem cell research is designed to find treatments for certain diseases and the embryos used are usually taken from fertility clinics. Pro-Life protestors are against the destruction of these embryos.

  • Number Nine: Cloning of Animals
  • This is a controversial issue due to the whole Jurassic Park dilemma. Some people don’t believe there is anything wrong with cloning animals and support science in its mission to create a life from nothing. Others are concerned that the cloning of animals will get out of hand to the point that we will bring back extinct creatures or create creatures that take over the top of the food chain.

  • Number Eight: Premarital Sex
  • There is a huge controversy over sex before marriage. Many supporters believe that it is everyone’s choice as to when they choose to sleep with someone. I guess they want to make sure that they take the car for a test drive before buying it. Others believe in the old school thought that you should wait until you are married

  • Number Seven: Animal testing
  • The controversy continues whether or not to test on animals. The cute white lab rats are protesting against given horrible diseases without a cure in sight. However, they do have litters of ten or more so they have to understand population control. Plus once the diseases have a cure, they can be cured.

  • Number Six: Homosexuality
  • This is a controversial issue because individuals believe that it is a human rights choice to love who you want to love. The other side believes that women and men should be together and that there is no other way to go.

  • Number Five: Buying and wearing fur
  • This is a controversial issue because some people believe that it is fashion plus to include animal fur in your wardrobe when others believe that it is morally wrong to kill animals for fashion.

  • Number Four: Legalization of Marijuana
  • This has been a big controversial issue in the press lately. Marijuana is legalized in some states for medicinal use. With alcohol and cigarettes being legal, it is hard to believe that Marijuana which is not as deadly isn’t legal. Opposing views include that Marijuana impairs judgment like alcohol and without proper controls in place it can be more dangerous.

  • Number Three: Children born out of wedlock
  • This controversial issue is related to the premarital sex issue. Individuals believe that you should be married before having children and others believe that it is their right to have children whenever they feel like it whether they have tied the knot or not.

  • Number Two: Abortion
  • This has been a controversial issue for decades. The fight is over when an embryo becomes a living being. Whether it is murder or a woman’s choice is the controversy.


  • Number One: Euthanasia
  • Doctor assisted death has been a controversial issue. Is it ethical for a doctor to assist a patient in their own suicide if they ask for it? Or is it unethical to deny a patient suffering from a deadly disease the right to die in peace? We have no trouble putting our loving pets when they are suffering but when it’s grandma we get fidgety.

If you choose any one of these controversial topics for your social issues essay, you are destined to write a paper that gets people talking.


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